The Maker

Servus! My name is Christoph Stiegler.

After my studies in landscape planning and training as a kindergarden teacher, I was keen on a new experience and challenge.

Through a friend I was able to attend my first knifemaking class in 2018, from then on I was totally hooked. The fascination of fire, steel, sweat and sometimes a drop of blood, just wouldn't let go of me.

And so began my journey as a knife maker.

Many hours of practice and effort followed, which initially often brought more suffering than joy, but through which I learned a lot. To expand my knowledge and improve my skills, I also attended several classes with fellow knifemakers.

Since 2020 I have been making knives full-time. Mostly kitchen knives but in between also hunting or EDC knives. Just as the customer's heart desires. Whether stainless or carbon steel, forged or stockremoval, Kanji Knives can not be pigeonholed!

My particular passion and fascination is the Hamon, also called hardening line, which is created by applying a layer of clay during the hardening process, and thus gives the blade a stunning appearance in addition to more elasticity. It is always unique and thus gives each knife a very own character.